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Hi! Thanks so much for checking out Sharon Kenney Photography. 

I’ve been photographing Bay Area families for over 8 years. I love telling a family’s story through fun, real images.

When you’re “in it” (parents of little kids know what I mean), it can feel so hard to take a step back and see yourselves from the outside. That’s where I come in. When you’re tired and have messy hair, I see what an amazing parent you are. When your kids are driving you nuts, I see how they look at you with stars in their eyes, and how hard they laugh when you tickle and chase them. I see the love between you and your partner that started your family in the first place. 

My family isn’t perfect - not even close. But we’re perfect for each other. I’m guessing that you probably feel the same way about your’s. Let me show you how amazing and delightful all of your craziness and imperfections can be - just as you are.

Here are some fun facts about me:

  • I’m a Bay Area native. I’ve lived all over the Bay at different points in my life - San Francisco, Peninsula, East Bay, South Bay. 

  • I currently live in Mountain View with my husband, 7-year-old daughter, and 5-year-old son.

  • I’m a pop culture junkie (it was my literal, actual major in college), and a fantastic person to have on your bar trivia team.

  • I love live music, live comedy, and musicals. I have not seen Hamilton yet (if you have, I am very jealous of you.).

  • I’m sarcastic, hate small talk, and love to laugh (especially at myself). 

  • It is my dream to be on a game show. And yes, I have tried out for a few. 

  • Three of my favorite things are coffee, beer, and tacos. The order in which I rank them depends on the day I’m having.

  • I’m a firm believer in the Oxford comma.

Think we’ll be a good fit? Get in touch and let’s get started!