Six Years Later - The P Family | San Francisco Bay Area Family Photographer

Back when I was first learning about photography, right after my daughter was born, I convinced a good friend to let me shoot some photos of her newborn son. I had an entry-level camera, a kit lens, and not really any clue what I was doing. I was also pretty sleep-deprived, having a newborn of my own at home. I tried the best I could at the time, but the pictures were... not great, if we're being totally honest.

But that shoot ignited the spark that is my love of family photography. What I got from that experience is that, if I wanted to take my passion seriously, then I needed to study and learn and challenge myself in order to grow. 

Fast forward six years... what was once an experiment is now a growing business. I was thrilled when this same friend asked to become an actual client. It was a joy to photograph this family that I have loved for so many years. And to get photos of the little boy that was my first-ever newborn shoot.