A Playful Family Afternoon | Bay Area Family Photographer

Every family is different, so every family photo session should have it’s own unique feel! My goal as a photographer is to have each session reflect a family’s true personality and character. I start off with a pre-session questionnaire to start getting to know the family. Then we work together to pick a location. There are a few things I look for when picking a location:

  • It should be meaningful to the family in some way.

  • It should have a variety of settings so that the family will have a diverse image gallery.

  • It should be a great backdrop for a fun family activity.

I loved photographing Clare and Philippe’s family earlier this fall. We chose their neighborhood park, which was perfect for a casual, relaxed vibe. The family rode their bikes over, which set the tone perfectly. We explored the park, rode bicycles, and played on the playground. I loved capturing a typical, playful afternoon with their family.

Here is a peek at some of my favorites from this session.