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I laughed so hard during this session at a local park here in Mountain View. Give me a family with a toddler, a preschooler, and an elementary schooler - and I’m in my element. The more active they are, the better! (And that’s why you’ll always find me wearing sneakers during family shoots.)

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I know that most parents worry that their kids will act crazy and silly during our photo session. And the truth is… they probably will. I speak from experience with my own kids. But that’s ok! As a storyteller, I never ask or pressure kids to be anything other than authentically themselves. If your kids want to run around during the shoot? No big deal - that’s how I’ll shoot them. And I’ll probably ask the parents to run around too. If they want to climb on Dad? The higher the better, and Dad should get ready to swing them around and toss them in the air, too.

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I’ve got lots of kid-tested-and-approved tricks (and let’s be honest, a fart joke or two) to turn the craziness into magic. Trust me, and we will get GREAT photos that capture your family’s real vibe. I want to give you photos that reflect who you and your kids really are - not a stiff posed portrait with fake, awkward smiles.

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Here are some of my favorite images from Theresa and Vince’s family session. They were such a fun bunch!

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