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Golden Hour at the Lake | San Francisco Bay Area Family Photographer

I absolutely loved meeting Vimala and her family this year! We got together for a fun, late afternoon photo shoot in November. The golden hour (the hour prior to sunset - my favorite time for a shoot) was gorgeous that day. The kids were absolutely adorable and tons of fun. Toddlers and preschoolers are my favorite age to photograph. They always make me work hard for it, and these two were no exception. But it's so worth it to freeze the fun-loving, silly, free spirited-ness that comes with this age. It was also great connecting with another creative, business-owning mom of little kids (hmm... sound familiar?) during our shoot. (By the way, check out Bentoganics to see Vimala's delightful bento box lunches!). 

Here are some of my favorite images from their session at Shoreline Lake in Mountain View - a popular spot for my fall family sessions this year. Enjoy! 

A Crisp Afternoon in the Redwoods | San Francisco Bay Area Family Photographer

I always love when I get to meet a new family, and meeting Kristin and Dustin and their family was no exception. I was honored to do their family photos as a new family of four. Baby Quentin, adorable and cute as can be, was newly 12 weeks old. My kids are past the baby stage, so I loved getting a little bit of baby time with him. Big sister Grace was so sweet and caring to him - I loved seeing their bond. We spent time exploring Redwood Grove in Los Altos, one of my favorite local spots. It's full of redwood trees and greenery (and sometimes a creek, depending on how much rain we've had). 

Here are some of my favorite shots from their session. Enjoy! 

A Fall Afternoon in the Park | San Francisco Bay Area Family Photographer

I just love family sessions during the Fall season. Here in Northern California, our weather stays warm and summer-like through most of October. November afternoons are crisp and full of golden light. This sweet family and I spent a lovely afternoon at Cuesta Park - one of my favorite locations right here in Mountain View. Cuesta Park is full of redwood trees, green grass, and one of the best playgrounds in the area. Adjacent to the park is the Cuesta Park Annex - a lovely open space full of oak trees. 

Here are some of my favorite images from our silly, playful, mid-November session. 

A Fun Afternoon at the Lake | San Francisco Bay Area Family Photographer

I've known this family for several years, and it's been a blast watching their three sons grow. I just love photographing them - they are loving, hilarious, silly and adventurous. 

For this session, we spent a fun afternoon at our local lake. We explored, found lots of rocks and sticks, threw rocks in the water, ate gummies and laughed a ton. Their oldest son had so many fun ideas for how to pose with his brothers. I'm pretty sure he's got a future as an artistic director. :)

Here are some of my favorite images from our time together. 

Six Years Later - The P Family | San Francisco Bay Area Family Photographer

Back when I was first learning about photography, right after my daughter was born, I convinced a good friend to let me shoot some photos of her newborn son. I had an entry-level camera, a kit lens, and not really any clue what I was doing. I was also pretty sleep-deprived, having a newborn of my own at home. I tried the best I could at the time, but the pictures were... not great, if we're being totally honest.

But that shoot ignited the spark that is my love of family photography. What I got from that experience is that, if I wanted to take my passion seriously, then I needed to study and learn and challenge myself in order to grow. 

Fast forward six years... what was once an experiment is now a growing business. I was thrilled when this same friend asked to become an actual client. It was a joy to photograph this family that I have loved for so many years. And to get photos of the little boy that was my first-ever newborn shoot. 

The P Family | San Francisco Bay Area Family Photographer

I had such a fun time with this local family! We scheduled a family session that included the boys' grandfather, who was visiting from Australia. I felt so welcomed and honored to be invited into their home. Some children are shy at first, especially in front of the camera. But the boys were wonderful hosts, and immediately pulled me outside to meet their dog, see their garden and tell me about all of the veggies they were growing. This session was the fantastic end to a lovely Bay Area spring weekend. :)