What kind of photographer are you?
I am a lifestyle photographer. I focus on capturing the beautiful and natural connections, interactions and spontaneous moments in families.

Where and when will my session be held?
Your session will be held at an outdoor location near your home. We will work together to determine the best location for your family’s session. If there is someplace special to your family that you would like your session to be held, please let me know!
To have the best and prettiest light possible, all of my family sessions begin 90 minutes prior to sunset. The exact time of your session will vary, according to the time of year.

How long will my session be?
Your session will last 60-90 minutes.

What will my session be like?
Your family’s photography experience will be fun, relaxed and stress-free! I don’t formally pose families. Instead, I will guide your family through natural interactions. We will play, be silly, goof around and do lots of laughing. I encourage you to think of your photography session as a fun family activity and time for you to be together, connect, and enjoy each other as a family.

When/where will my newborn session be held?
Your newborn photography session will be held in your home. I strongly believe that newborns and their families should be captured in the natural, loving environment where they are most comfortable. Please don’t worry about your home being “photo shoot ready” - it’s perfect, trust me.
Newborn sessions are usually done within the first two weeks after birth. Newborns change and grow so quickly, that I like to capture the tiny, "new baby" details before they are gone. 
I typically like to schedule in-home newborn sessions around 10am, depending on the exact time of year. 

What should we wear?
Dress as you normally would, wear what you’re comfortable in, and look like yourself. If you feel uncomfortable, you will look uncomfortable, and we don’t want that!
Don’t worry about the family having “matching” outfits, but it is nice to coordinate to some degree. Pick 2-3 colors in the same family that are flattering to all of you, and work those in.
Classic styles and combos with solid colors and simple patterns work great. Please avoid clothes that have logos, writing or characters on them.
In short, go for the best version of your everyday, natural look. You will look great, I promise! (I’m always happy to share clothing suggestions.)

How far out are you booked?
I typically book 3-4 months in advance.

Will I get the digital photos from my session?
Yes! My all-inclusive pricing includes a minimum of 40 high-resolution, digital images from your session. All images will be available for download from a private online gallery approximately 3 weeks following your session. You will have standard printing rights. (Please note that I will retain full copyright of all images.)

How can I order prints and products from you?
You may order prints and display products directly through your online gallery. All print and product orders are delivered from a professional photography print lab, and are of a higher quality than retail print outlets. I encourage you to print your photos - they belong in your home, not on your hard drive! I am always happy to consult on print orders.